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PATCH NOTES - Version 0.52 April 14th, 2023

Space Capsule Games   April 14, 2023 | 

Balance updates

Arack rarity changed from Common to Rare

Developer Notes: Common was left over from before the Webbing piece was made. Considering Very Rare since they are such a powerful piece, but we will see how they perform.  

Replicating Spiders rarity changed from Uncommon to Rare

Developer Notes: You only need one to start your run since they self-replicate. Changing them to rare seems fitting considering how powerful they can be.

Bug fixes

• Engineer

○ The Engineer’s west grid spot made the Info Panel up too high to see fully.

• Ooze

○ Was not correctly triggering add piece animations. Could also potentially freeze the game since it was waiting for pieces to be added.

• Doctor

○ Was only checking for adjacent medkits. [malpractice insurance enacted]

• Giant Fungus

○ Was not helping its pals. Now correctly supports other Giant Fungi

• Venus Mantrap

○ Was not always transferring base damage over correctly.

• Archer

○ Was not correctly using Engineer’s built grid spaces for damage buff.

• Possible Double Choice Selection

○ A rare instance that if you timed it correctly you could get two pieces from the choice selection. No more soup for you!

• Ending Accidental Skip

○ Was fixed to have a short delay before you can skip the ending text crawl.

• Your Militia View

○ Row subtotal count was overlapping the information panel.

• Graphics

○ Various graphical fixes.

• Text

○ Various text fixes.

• Continue Game

○ Various fixes for returning to a saved state.